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सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज। अहं त्वा सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः।।Gita.18.66।।

Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do.

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma

Do not let Mediocres and Pseudos Misguide You. Right choice matters the most!

What Is Astrology

24.05.2016 By Rajesh Verma

“This is the excellent foppery of the world, that when we are sick in fortune, often the surfeits of our own behavior, we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and the stars: as if we were villains on necessity, fools by heavenly compulsion; knaves, thieves, and treachers, by spherical predominance; drunkards, liars, and adulterers, by an enforced obedience of planetary influence; and all that we are evil in, by a divine thrusting on. An admirable evasion of whoremaster man, to lay his goatish dispositi

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Our Conscious Attitudes Differ From Those That Reside In Our Subconscious Mind

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